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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Learn Mafia Wars Cheats and Secrets

Discover some Mafia Wars cheats to accelerate the rate and speed at which you level up.

1. The Energy to Experience Ratio

If your goal is to advance through stages and levels at lightning speed, then you will have to pull out your calculator and calculate the experience for a job as well as the energy it consumes. You will come to know several most rewarding jobs that give you the best ratio, meaning you only spend a small amount of energy to gain a lot of experience.

By following this tip you will definitely be able to level up quicker than most of your peers in Mafia Wars.

2. Making Full Use of Your Energy Pack

Your energy pack is sent to you daily by your mafia members and when used, it will give you a 125% boost of your total energy points. It's really easy to level up quickly using the energy pack every day but there are a few tips here as well that I would like to share with you. When you are just about to level up, do not use your energy pack, as when you get promoted to a higher level, your stats get a full refill.

Also, use the energy packs only after your energy is almost zero. This will allow you to utilize the maximum benefits of the energy pack.

If you're sick and tired of having to beg people to join your mafia while continually getting your butt kicked by other mafias, then you will really have to play the game differently. Start recruiting high level players and loot more powerful items through jobs to boost your stats.

1. Get massive Godfather points.
2. Dominate the Mafia Wars game and other rivaling players.
3. Get dozens of top mafia members to join my mafia in just 2 hours
4. Master any level and job with lightning speed.
5. Make multiple millions of dollars every single day without breaking a sweat.

Explore more Mafia Wars secret to get yourself rich and powerful against your enemies in the Mafia Wars!

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