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Friday, September 18, 2009

How To Earn Cash In Mafia Wars

How To Earn Cash In Mafia Wars - To accomplish something in Mafia Wars, you'll have to master a great range of Mafia Wars Secret including energy management, property management, etc, and today I am going to give you a quick list of the best money making opportunities per tier.

Doing jobs is not the most efficient way to earn cash in Mafia Wars but for those of you who are more money minded and less concerned with speed leveling this list will prove invaluable.

Cash awards in Mafia Wars are somewhat random in that there is no set amount at any level. For instance I have done “Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don” from the New York Boss Tier and earned the minimum amount, then clicked do job again and earned the maximum amount. I may be wrong, and please correct me if I am, but it seems that Zynga uses a completely random amount per job.

The list below contains the best paying jobs per tier along with the range of cash you can expect to earn.

Street Thug Tier

Collect on a Loan ($2,300 – $5,750)

Associate Tier

Jewelry Store Job ($5,750 – $17,250)

Soldier Tier

Museum Break-In ($55,200 – $82,800)

Enforcer Tier

Run Illegal Poker Game ($690,000 – $1,150,000)

Hitman Tier

Exterminate a Rival family ($3,450,000 – $6,900,000)

Capo Tier

Whack a Rival Crew Leader ($1,725,000 – $2,760,000)

Consigliere Tier

Ransom a Businessman’s Kid ($5,462,500 – $9,775,000)

Underboss Tier

Order a Hit on a Public Official ($7,475,000 – $15,410,000)

Boss Tier

Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don ($57,500,000 – $97,750,000)

El Soldado Tier

Assault A Snitch’s Hideout (C$1,615 – C$2,090)

El Capitan Tier

Burn Down Hacienda (C$2,382 – C$3,082)

El Jefe Tier

Take Over The Docks (C$3,197 – C$4,137)

El Patron Tier

Assassinate An Opposing Consigliere (C$3,909 – C$5,059)

El Padrino Tier

Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation (C$5,388 – C$6,806)

El Cacique Tier

Take Over the Havana Reconstruction (C$6,052 – C$7,832)

Making money in Mafia Wars isn't that difficult; in fact it couldn’t be easier. For those of you who have dollar signs in their eyes use this simple list to maximize your cash flow, but don’t forget to invest all of that money in properties and businesses. Cash is easy to come by but you need to put it to the best use possible. To dominate Mafia Wars, you will have to be rich in cash to conquer your enemies.

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