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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mafia Wars Energy

Mafia Wars Energy is the lifeblood of your Mafia Wars character. As such, energy management should be on the top of your list if you want to level effectively. Adding into our collection of Mafia Wars secret, here you’ll find a list of the most energy efficient jobs per tier.

These jobs have the highest experience points ratio and worked correctly will provide you the most bang per energy point.

This list was created assuming that you have the best mafia in place in your top mafia slots. If you do not the jobs should still be the highest EPR per tier but may not be as high as listed below.

Experience Point Ratio

Example: 1 energy for 1 Experience Point = 1 EPR 5 energy for 6 Experience Points = 1.2 EPR 8 energy for 16 Experience Points = 2 EPR

It is calculated simply by taking the experience a job gives and dividing that value by the amount of energy required to complete the job. The higher the better.

Street Thug Tier

Auto Theft (1.333)

Associate Tier

Bank Heist (2.125)

Soldier Tier

Clip the Irish Mob’s Local Enforcer (1.625)

Enforcer Tier

Run Illegal Poker Game (2.412)

This job requires tokens and cars which you can make on this tier by doing the Manufacture Tokens and Get Cheating Deck jobs in the jobs preparation section of this tier. These jobs both have an EPR of 1.75 so be sure to factor this in when working on this tier.

Hitman Tier

Repel the Yakuza (1.909)

Capo Tier

Whack a Rival Crew Leader (1.833)

Consigliere Tier

Dispose of a Body (1.909)

Underboss Tier

Order a Hit on a Public Official (2.065)

This job requires an Untraceable Cell Phone which you can get by doing “Rob an Electronic Store” on the Enforcer tier. It only has an EPR of 1.381 so you will have to use it to fill in when you have more than enough energy to level.
Boss Tier

Settle a Beef …Permanently (2.114)

El Soldado Tier

Silence a Noisy Neighbor (1.821)

El Capitan Tier

Meet With The FRG Leadership (1.909)

El Jefe Tier

Offer “Protection” To A Nightclub (1.970)

El Patron Tier

The jobs listed below all provide 2.0 EPR

Establish a Loansharking Business

Eliminate A Rival Family’s Agent
Execute a Regional Arms Dealer
Gun Down An Enemy Crew At The Airport

The first on the list “Establish a Loansharking Buisness” requires 3 Politico Corrupto per job. These are acquired by taking over a Bribery Ring in the Cuban business section. You will need a lot of these so buy that business and upgrade it as fast as you can.

El Padrino Tier

Supply the FRG With Some Extra Muscle (2.052)

El Cacique Tier

Send Some Help Home to New York (2.036)

Ripping through levels at breakneck pace is only possible if you manage your energy effectively. Use this quick list to maximize your leveling experience. Check out more about Mafia Wars cheats and dominate the world of Mafia Wars today!

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